Research Partnerships

Since its founding in 1995, the Detroit URC has established more than 10 affiliated partnerships & over 35 projects that have addressed issues such as environmental triggers of childhood asthma, diabetes maintenance and prevention, intimate partner violence, social and physical environmental determinants of cardiovascular disease, access to fresh food, places to be physically active, and health literacy. 

Detroit URC Board and Projects

The Detroit URC is governed by a Board comprised of representatives from each partner organization and involves a number of projects, including:

CBPR Partnership Academy
Measurement Approaches to Partnership Success (MAPS)
Community-Academic Research Network
Grant Opportunities
Capacity-Building Training

Affiliated Partnerships

A CBPR partnership established out of the Detroit URC Board, whose goals align with the Detroit URC’s, may provide some level of support to the Center’s core infrastructure, and includes one or more existing partner organization on the Detroit URC Board.

Affiliated partnerships include: 
Community Action Against Asthma
Community Action to Promote Healthy Environments
Healthy Environments Partnership
Healthy Mothers on the Move (MOMs)
Health Impact Assessment-Detroit
Insure Detroit
Reach Detroit

Linked Partnerships

An entity which the Detroit URC provides some services to/for, or the entity agrees to provide services to the Detroit URC. This may include a financial arrangement, and services may include (but are not limited to) program administration, mentorship, training.

Linked Partnerships include:
Poverty Solutions
Michigan Institute for Clinical & Health Research (MICHR)
The Edward Ginsberg Center

Allied Partnerships

A partnership whose membership has significant representation of Detroit URC Board members, but is not affiliated with the Detroit URC in any formal way. This may include partnerships that do not explicitly follow a CBPR process, but are clearly aligned with the overarching goals of the Detroit URC.

Allied Partnerships include:
Climate Hazards, Housing, and Health Partnership: Increasing Climate Resiliency in Detroit (CHHH)
Deliberative Engagement of Communities in Decisions about Resources (DECIDERS)
Community Engagement Core (CEC)

Supported Initiatives & Fostered Partnerships

A partnership/initiative of which the Detroit URC is a member, that adheres to core values of the Detroit URC, but is not necessarily otherwise associated (via personnel, resources, etc.), OR, a partnership fostered initially by the Detroit URC that continues beyond initial affiliation. The Build Health Challenge was a supported initiative of the Detroit URC.