Rafael Meza, PhD

Professor, Epidemiology; Professor of Global Public Health; Co-Leader, Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention Program, UM Rogel Cancer Center

Dr. Meza is interested in the design and evaluation of cancer screening strategies, particularly for lung and cervical cancer. He has developed models and tools to assess the potential of low-dose CT screening to reduce lung cancer mortality in the US, and to help individuals make decisions about screening. He is conducting research in Guatemala to determine the potential of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) testing as a cervical cancer screening option for indigenous and rural women in Latin America. Dr. Meza is co-leader of the Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention Program at the UM Comprehensive Cancer Center, and member of the UM Tobacco Research Network. He is also Honorary Professor at the Mexico National Institute of Public Health (INSP), and a member of Mexico’s National System of Investigators (SNI Level II).

Current Research Interests Include:

  • Design and evaluation of cancer screening strategies 
  • Decision-making related to cancer screenings 
  • Indigenous and rural populations 
  • Tobacco research
  • Disease prevention and control 

Website | Email | Phone: 734-763-1946

Research Areas: Program Design & Evaluation, Cancer, Native, Indigenous, & Tribal Populations, Substance Use, Disease Prevention,

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