Neighborhoods Taking Action: A Partnership Approach to Policy and Systems Change to Improve High School Graduation Rates and Health in Detroit

This partnership aims to improve the long-term health of people in Detroit by increasing graduation rates at several of Detroit’s lowest-performing schools and ultimately putting these students on a path toward better jobs and improved health. It aims to ensure that students and their parents are actively involved in the design and implementation of systems changes associated with Michigan’s Education Achievement System (EAS, the new statewide system on lowest-performing schools. This project works in tandem with the Neighborhoods Working in Partnership partnership, building on its efforts to use education and mobilization to increase the capacity of community members to create policy changes.

The specific aims of the NTA are to:

  1. Establish and maintain a broad partnership and network of multi-sector partners committed to system change to improve high school graduation rates.
  2. Increase knowledge of Detroit policy makers and the public of the relationship between high school graduation rates and health outcomes.
  3. Enhance the capacity of Detroit youth and adults to engage in policy and systems change aimed at improving high school graduation rates.
  4. To collaborate with and mobilize diverse community entities to engage in policy and systems change advocacy efforts.

Communities Involved
Community residents and organizations based in the GNI areas (Brightmoor, Cody/Rouge, Vernor, Chadsey/Condon, Central and Osborn communities in Detroit) and the lower eastside of Detroit.


  • Cody Rouge Community Action Alliance
  • Communities In Schools (CIS) of Detroit
  • Detroit Hispanic Development Corporation
  • Detroit Public Schools Office of Charter Schools
  • Henry Ford Academy- School for Creative Studies
  • The Skillman Foundation
  • University of Michigan-School of Public Health (UMSPH).

 Fact Sheets