Jennifer Blesh, PhD, MS

Associate Professor, University of Michigan School for Environment and Sustainability

Dr. Blesh is an Associate Professor at the University of Michigan School for Environment and Sustainability. She earned a PhD in Soil and Crop Sciences at Cornell University. As a broadly trained agroecologist, Dr. Blesh uses interdisciplinary research approaches to understand the impacts of food systems on ecological and social processes. Her ecological research focuses on soil nitrogen and carbon cycling, agroecosystem nutrient management, and legume nitrogen fixation. Blesh’s research program pays particular attention to alternative production-consumption relations, and is guided by a pragmatic motivation to support development of more ecologically sustainable and socially just food systems. Current projects include: (i) developing interdisciplinary indicators of resilience with family farmers in Brazil, and, (ii) determining how plant trait diversity in cover crop mixtures impacts multiple ecosystem functions including nitrogen supply, weed suppression, and nutrient retention.

Current Research Interests:

  • Soil health
  • Ecosystem functions and services from cover crops
  • Social and ecological factors that support or constrain ecosystem-based management

Website | Email | Phone: 734-763-2470

Research Areas: Food Access/Security, Geographic & Spatial Factors, Social Support,

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