Elizabeth Towner, PhD, MS

Assistant Professor, Family Medicine and Public Health Sciences

Dr. Towner is an Assistant Professor of Family Medicine and Public Health Sciences at the Wayne State University School of Medicine. Her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and M.S. in Clinical Behavioral Psychology are both from Eastern Michigan University. She conducts research at Wayne State University School of Medicine's Pediatric Prevention Research Center. The researchers at the center collaborate with faculty members of pediatrics, as well as other departments on campus and organizations within the community, to conduct high-quality behavioral, epidemiologic, biomedical, and translational research in the areas of HIV/STD, substance use and misuse, and mental health, in both domestic and international settings. Dr. Towner's areas of expertise include family-based health behavior interventions for early childhood and dietary analyses.

Website | Email | Phone: 313-577-1080

Research Areas: Research Translation, HIV/AIDS, Sexual Health, Substance Use, Mental Health, Family Health,

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