Dana Dolinoy, PhD, MSc

NSF International Chair of Environmental Health Sciences
Professor in Environmental Health Sciences
Professor in Nutritional Sciences

Dana Dolinoy

Dana Dolinoy, PhD, MSc is the NSF International Chair of Environmental Health Sciences. In addition to this she is a Professor in Environmental Health Sciences and in Nutritional Sciences at the University of Michigan’s School of Public Health. She also serves as the Director of the University of Michigan NIEHS P30 Core Center, entitled ‘Lifestage Environmental Exposures and Diseases’ (M-LEEaD) and as Faculty Director of the Michigan Medical Center’s Epigenomic Core. She has an expansive background in genomics and toxicology, with specific interest in epigenetic research, including environmental epigenomics and the developmental origins of health and disease. Dr. Dolinoy is particularly dedicated to research on how environmental and nutritional epigenomics relate to sensitive subpopulations, including those at risk for very early environmental concerns that set the stage for adult risk, such as cancer.

Website | Email | Phone: 734-647-3155

Research Areas: Adolescent & Child Development, Air Quality & Pollution, Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, Chemical Contamination, Climate Change, Environmental Health, Environmental Justice, Maternal/Child Health, Nutrition, Obesity, Water Quality and Pollution,

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