Cristina Bares, MS, MSW, MBA, PhD

Associate Professor, University of Michigan School of Social Work

Dr. Cristina Bares is an Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan School of Social Work. She earned a PhD in Social Work and Psychology from the University of Michigan.
Bares is a developmental psychologist with training in behavioral genetics and advanced statistical modeling. She employs multiple methodologies to examine the biological, psychological and contextual determinants of child and adolescent health.
Currently, Bares studies the genetically-mediated risk factors leading to problems of anxiety, depression and substance use in adolescence while accounting for important psychological and environmental risk factors.

Current Research Interests:

Biological, psychological and social determinants of child and adolescent health and the interactions that give rise to adaptive and maladaptive behavior

Website | Email | Phone: (734) 615-2582

Research Areas: Social Determinants of Health, Adolescent & Child Development, Adolescent Health,

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