Community Organizing Network for Environmental Health (CONEH)

Funding Source: NIEHS, $2.4 million, 9/00-9/05: CONEH is funded through a separate grant but was part of CAAA intervention activities.

Goals & Objectives: To reduce exposure to physical and psychosocial environmental stressors associated with childhood asthma severity and exacerbation, and strengthen protective factors modifying the effect of these stressors.

Communities Involved: 

  • East side and southwest Detroit residents;
  • African American and Hispanic;
  • Detroit residents at-large.


  • Detroit Hispanic Development Corporation
  • Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice
  • Friends of Parkside
  • Latino Family Services
  • United Community Housing Coalition
  • Warren/Conner Development Coalition
  • Detroit Health Department
  • Henry Ford Health System
  • Michigan Department of Agriculture-Pesticide and Plant Pest Management Division
  • UM School of Public Health


  • Community organizers work with CBOs/environmental groups to lower environmental asthma triggers.
  • Community mobilization, policy advocacy, and networking.

Outcome Indicators: 

  • Asthma-related health status;
  • Changes in perception of neighborhood environment;
  • Changes in local/state environmental policies.

Methods & Analyses: Analysis will explore effect of neighborhood intervention on HH intervention. Qualitative data to assess change in perceptions/policy.

Results: Data not available.