Community Development Advocates of Detroit (CDAD)

Madhavi Reddy, Director


For 20 years, the Community Development Advocates of Detroit (CDAD) has served as the leading voice for Detroit’s community development industry.  With over 100 dues-paying members, CDAD advocates for public policies and resources that  advance the work of nonprofit, community-based organizations in Detroit neighborhoods who are engaged in physical development, land use planning, community organizing, and other activities designed to stabilize and revitalize the quality of life in Detroit. Some of CDAD’s initiatives include

Public Policy & Advocacy 
  • CDAD raises critical community issues and advocates for equitable, accountable, and transparent public policy that supports neighborhoods,  families, and our members.

Placed -based initiatives 
  • CDAD’s place-based work places resident and stakeholder knowledge at the very heart of our work with neighborhood
Community engagement 
  • CDAD’s community engagement efforts strengthen the network of Detroit’s place-based community organizations
 Community Development Ecosystem Building
  • Neighborhoods will benefit from a highly connected and well-resourced community development system where all pieces of the system work together 
  • Work in this area includes: Implementation of a 10-year equitable development strategy called the Roadmap to Equity  and convening of a funders’ group exploring equitable community development funding 
Capacity Building
  • CDAD’s capacity building work is centered on the premise that organizations have the capacity to do their work and they need reliable resources and access to supports in order to be effective

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Research Areas: Community Engagement, Community Organizing, Policy Advocacy, Urban Development, Land Use, Youth Development & Engagement, Housing, Equitable Development,

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