Amy J. Schulz, PhD, MPH, MSW

Professor, Health Behavior & Health Education; Associate Director, Center for Research on Ethnicity, Culture and Health

Amy Schulz Headshot


Dr. Amy Schulz is a Professor in Health Behavior and Health Education at the University of Michigan School of Public Health, as well as the Associate Director of the Center for Research on Ethnicity, Culture and Health and Co-Director for the NIH funded “Promoting Ethnic Diversity in Public Health”. Additionally, she is the principal investigator for the Healthy Environments Partnership, a community-based participatory research partnership focused on social and physical environments and cardiovascular disease in Detroit. She received her M.P.H. in Health Behavior and Health Education, M.S.W. in Social Policy, and Ph.D. in Sociology all from the University of Michigan. Her current research focuses on understanding social determinants of health in urban communities, the contributions of social and environmental factors to racial and socioeconomic inequities in cardiovascular disease, social aspects of community and their relationship to health, and interventions designed to promote environmental health and health equity in urban areas


Website | Email | Phone: 734 647-0221

Research Areas: Race & Ethnicity, Environmental Health, Environmental Justice, Community-Based Participatory Research, Built Environment, Cardiovascular Disease, Urban Health, Health Equity,

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