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Policy Advocacy Training

Policy AdvocacyWe provide training workshops, technical assistance, and ongoing support to community groups to enhance the capacity of Detroit residents to conduct effective policy advocacy efforts. Our trainings build upon the Neighborhoods Working in Partnership (NWP) program and draws upon the URC's capacity building, intervention, research and policy experience.

In order for communties to influence policy and systems change toward creating healthy neighborhoods, the Detroit URC trainings aim to:

  • Establish linkages with and mobilize other groups, organizations, community members and policy makers to work in partnership to achieve policy change.
  • Identify and analyze policy foci and participants (e.g., issues, decision makers, institutions, decision making bodies) and strategies for policy change (e.g., disseminating and translating scientific findings, dialogue with policy makers, media advocacy). 
  • Build and support policy campaigns addressing issues identified by the communities involved (for example, inadequate food access and poor air quality) working with other groups, organizations and community members.

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