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CBPR Partnership Academy - Eligibility & Application Requirements

2015AcademyCohortPlease note that we are not enrolling a cohort in 2018. We hope to expand upon this program with additional funding in the future. We will offer a course at the University of Michigan titled “Methods in Community-Based Participatory Research for Health” in July 2018. More information is available at


Community-Academy TEAM Criteria:

  • Team should be newly forming or in the early stages of CBPR partnership development (well-established CBPR partnerships are not eligible)
  • Ability to attend program events in community-academic pairs
  • Commitment to year-long activities
  • Interest in learning about using a CBPR approach

ACADEMIC Partner Criteria:

  • Must be a doctoral level researcher or faculty member trained in the behavioral and social sciences and affiliated with an academic institution in the United States
  • Can be at any career stage with interest and limited experience in CBPR
  • Must have support for year-long participation in the program from academic institution (as evident in Letter of Support) apply here button

COMMUNITY Partner Criteria:

  • Must have a minimum of a Bachelor's degree or equivalent training and 3-5 years of relevant work experience
  • Be in a position of mid-to-upper level leadership in the organization
  • Must have support for year-long participation in the program from the applicant's organization (as evident in Letter of Support)


  • Interest in using a CBPR approach to address health inequities
  • Commitment to establishing and enhancing an equitable partnership
  • Evidence of responsiveness to the community's needs and interests
  • Evidence that proposal was jointly developed
  • Availability and commitment of both partners to participate in year-long program activities



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